Euro-Atlantic integration

The European integration of the Western Balkans remains one of the last challenges in building a democratic and united Europe. Prospects for EU and NATO integration are a powerful driver of reform, economic prosperity and the rule of law. They mean participation at the European decision-making table and a guarantee of security.

CEDEM is recognized as an organization that promotes Euro-Atlantic values. One of the activities in this regard is the writing of practical policy proposals and a summary of practical policy proposals (through Policy Papers) (under the title) regarding the NATO integration of Montenegro. Also, for several years, CEDEM in cooperation with the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the French Robert Schuman, organizes regional conferences on European integration of the Western Balkans – constraints and challenges, attended by senior officials, representatives of international organizations and the diplomatic corps and academia. civil society and the media. Representatives of CEDEM are often the organizers and participants of numerous round tables, presentations and public debates on this topic. Through this program, CEDEM successfully implements an educational cycle on the EU, intended for the best students of social faculties.

Security is one of the most important preconditions for democracy, the rule of law and human rights. CEDEM monitors security sector reform as well as international and regional security dynamics, with a special focus on Montenegro. Based on our own research, we publish analyzes and recommendations intended for MPs, government officials, state administration, employees of security institutions, civil society, etc.

Two regional projects have been implemented within this Department. The first is “Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to map and monitor security sector reform 2008-2011”, the results of which are publications and reports in various areas of reform (transparency, democratic control and oversight, representation, etc.). Also, thanks to this project, CEDEM became one of the 7 members of the regional Consortium of Independent Research Centers of the Western Balkans. CEDEM also implemented the second research project of the Regional Consortium of Independent Research Centers of the Western Balkans, in cooperation with the Norwegian Institute of International Relations (NUPI) in Oslo: “To what extent is the security community built in the Western Balkans?”

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