About us

CEDEM is an NGO founded as a non-profit association of citizens with the aim of promoting and expanding awareness of the importance of a proper and successful transition; to research, analyze and monitor the transition process; through its activities, as much as possible, to influence the transition process in Montenegro and contribute to the strengthening of civil society and democratization in general.

Conducting research and analytical projects in the field of democratic transition and human rights in Montenegro

Organizing conferences, round tables, meetings, seminars, workshops and trainings with the aim of encouraging the process of democratic transition

He influences legislative activity with his proposals

It acquaints the public with its activities and results through its publications and media

It cooperates with other NGOs, with a related field of interest, from Montenegro, the region and abroad


CEDEM is in the research conducted within the framework Think Tanks and Civil Society (TTCSP) , University of Pennsylvania from the USA, ranked 12th among leading think-tank organizations from Central and Eastern Europe.