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CEDEM je NVO osnovana kao neprofitna asocijacija građana sa ciljem da unaprijedi i proširi svijest o važnosti pravilne i uspješne tranzicije; da istražuje....


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Political and civic participation of young people

The project “Political and civic participation of young people” was created based on one of the six key priorities defined by the current Strategy for Youth – young active citizens are involved, motivated, proactive and participate in decision-making processes, community development, policy making and implementation. projects dedicated to strengthening the competencies of young people to […]

Vox Populi – implementing better choices

Montenegro faces social and political challenges and, for the first time, requires democratic roadmaps. In order to contribute to strengthening the accountability, transparency and consolidation of democratic institutions, CEDEM has developed the project “Vox populi – Implementation of better elections”. The project will identify and measure citizens’ perceptions and attitudes on key issues of reform […]

Diagnosis and therapy of freedom of expression, hate speech and ethnic tensions

In recent years, Montenegro has faced a visible trend of increasing presence of hate speech. During 2020, freedom of expression was threatened by the authorities in connection with the COVID-19 crisis and election campaigns. Namely, a number of steps were taken that seriously violated the right to privacy and freedom of expression. In the first […]

A more efficient monitoring system leads to better application of normative regulations

The progress made in the field of protection of minority peoples and other minority national communities in the normative sense has been recognized through a number of national and international reports, as well as through CEDEM reports on conducted research. Despite the results achieved, the implementation of bylaws and existing institutional mechanisms needs to be […]

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Confidence in political institutions, namely the Government, the President, the Assembly, the police, the army, the police and political parties, is at its lowest level since 2014, indicating the need to implement substantial structural and systemic changes and focus citizens.

Trust in political institutions. Average: Government, President, Assembly, Police, Army, judiciary and parties – trend (%)

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Siniša Bjeković Protector of human rights and freedoms of Montenegro

Without a serious analysis and register of persons with disabilities, we can hardly talk about a more serious policy, because the policy must always be based on serious statistical indicators and the number of people to whom you want to direct a particular state policy.

Miraš Radović Judge of the Supreme Court of Montenegro

The message to politicians should be to protect the independence and autonomy of the judiciary. My message to the presidents of the courts is that they should protect the autonomy and independence of the judiciary and that every president of the court should appear before a judge and say - no one has the right to influence you, not even me, let alone someone outside the court.

Jelena Đaletić State Prosecutor for Liaison with EUROJUST

If we undertake continuous activities in order to meet the criteria in the chapters, it is necessary that all state bodies cooperate. This means that there must simply be communication and cooperation, because the path to the European Union is the path of the state, of all of us, and not of individual institutions.

Valentina Pavličić Representative of Montenegro before the European Court of Human Rights

The rule of law should be enforced by strong, independent, strong and competent institutions, and the institutions should be represented by the people. We have to create such a level in society that citizens respect the laws, but on the other hand, those who pass them must also respect the laws. We can do that if we have one level on both sides. . Independence and responsibility go hand in hand

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