The first in a series of panel discussions entitled: “Dialogue with citizens: Let’s talk about the facts” was held

The first in a series of panel discussions entitled: “Dialogue with citizens: Let’s talk about the facts” was held

(Detalj tokom prve panel diskusije koja je održana u hotelu “Serdar” u Mojkovcu. Tema: Pregovaračko poglavlje 11- poljoprivreda i ruralni razvoj. Za više slika, posjetiti našu Galeriju).

The Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) held the first in a series of panel discussions in the municipality of Mojkovac within the project “Education and Dialogue to the EU”, which was financially supported by the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.

This panel discussion launched the “Dialogue with Citizens: Let’s Talk About the Facts” activity, which seeks to contribute to the European integration process by raising awareness, understanding and knowledge of European integration, future membership and the functioning of the EU. As the respective activity was realized in Mojkovac, and taking into account the development potentials of the municipality, the panel discussed the negotiating chapter 11 – agriculture and rural development. The purpose of the panel discussion was to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the civil sector, state bodies / institutions and citizens, which is one of the goals to be achieved by implementing this project.

The event aimed to encourage citizens to think about the need to valorize the development potential of the north and ensure a better standard of living. Ms. Andrijana Rakočević, Independent Advisor for Organic Production at the Directorate for Agriculture spoke about the results of the negotiating team and what is yet to be realized in this area, while Ms. Amra Terzić, Independent Advisor for Fruit Growing at the Directorate for Agriculture emphasized the challenges which the negotiating team encounters in meeting the final benchmarks.

Mr. Darko Fuštić, coordinator of the Agribusiness Center, spoke about the capacity of the Center and the availability of labor, as well as the results achieved such as the opening of a purchase center for milk and the revival of the livestock market in Prošćenje. Special attention was given to the example of positive practice such as the entrepreneur Mr. Zarko Veljovic, owner of the company “Mushroom MN”, who started a small family business, achieved enviable results by distributing their products in as many as six countries. Bearing in mind that this project is aimed at promoting the benefits of Montenegro’s membership in the European Union, the Head of the IPARD Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, Mr. Enis Đokaj, informed the citizens about the new call under IPARD II and how they can apply for it. .

After introductory speeches, in the part provided for discussion, citizens were interested in: more detailed information about the IPARD program and opportunities to help all those who want to engage in agriculture; the problem of large uncultivated areas and the lack of interest of young people to continue farming and livestock, as well as the issue of low purchase prices of meat and milk and dairy products.

It is envisaged that the remaining two panel discussions will be organized in the municipalities of Niksic and Bar.

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