Since 1999, the Center for Democracy and Human Rights has established its own Special Department for Empirical Research. For more than a decade, the Empirical Department of CEDEM has been conducting and presenting to the public numerous researches of various social and political phenomena in Montenegro: index of democracy, value orientations and ethnic issues, research on discrimination, perception of corruption, media freedom, etc.

In the work so far, special mention should be made of the research of the Political Public Opinion of Montenegro, which CEDEM has been conducting without interruption since 1999, thus creating a complete empirical cross-section of the structure of the Political Public Opinion of Montenegro. In addition to examining the standard criteria of political public opinion (citizens ‘trust in the institutions of the system, government, political / public figures, political parties, media), the focus of our research is often current issues of domestic political life, such as citizens’ attitudes towards black membership. Up in the EU and NATO, etc.).