CEDEM, in cooperation with partners, started the implementation of the project “ALL IN”

CEDEM, in cooperation with partners, started the implementation of the project “ALL IN”

CEDEM has started the implementation of the ALL IN project in cooperation with partners from six countries, and within the Europe for Citizens program.

According to the United Nations, three quarters of migrations have a cultural background. Culture is considered the most important and relevant determinant for defining the individuality of a nation, minority or even one person. The great mobility of the global population in recent decades, and especially in the last few years, has caused societies to become increasingly multicultural and call into question the long-standing national identities of relatively homogeneous nations.

Even recent waves of migrants show that when people migrate, they “carry” their culture with them and try to integrate it into the new local community. This causes changes in already formed and established societies or nations on the one hand, but on the other hand the new wave of multiculturalism has shown sharp polarization around the issue of migration in public debates along with intolerance, xenophobia and disrespect for human rights.

The ALL IN project will raise awareness that migration is not a new phenomenon and that deep respect and tolerance is needed at the level of partnership, consisting of different nations and individuals, influenced by different cultures.

Moreover, the consortium implementing the project includes the only divided country in the EU, Cyprus and Kosovo *, which is not yet fully recognized by the international community. Project activities will create a basis for encouraging intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and tolerance, and expand them to transnational activities of participants – workshops, debates, panels, visits to good practices, etc.

In addition to our organization, the project is implemented by the Regional Development Agency Zasavje (Slovenia), Association for the Development of Volunteer Work Novo mesto (Slovenia), NGO Domovik (Kosovo *), Regional Association of Local Authorities of Western Macedonia (Greece), Institute for Eastern Studies (Poland), Pegeia Municipality (Cyprus) and Foligno Association of Local Organizations (Italy)

The project is co-financed from EU funds, through the Europe for Citizens program.

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