With NATO membership, Montenegro has prosperity for development

With NATO membership, Montenegro has prosperity for development

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Montenegro, after joining NATO, has much greater prosperity for development, and its inhabitants have more opportunities for education and employment provided by membership in that alliance, said the Secretary for Political and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Montenegro, Anna Kasprzak .

She stated at the admiration organized by the Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) within the project “Let’s Take a Position for Future Perspectives: Alliance of Youth and NATO” that the voice of all member states is equal and they have equal influence in adopting important foreign policy decisions.

“Montenegro, which marked two years of membership, has an exceptional opportunity for development, and the population has a much greater number of opportunities provided by NATO. “The important fact is that every country has an equal voice in the union, regardless of whether it is Poland with 38 million inhabitants or Montenegro, with 620,000 inhabitants,” Kasprzak said.

She said that Poland, by joining NATO, had made a significant step towards its development.

“The economic situation in Poland has stabilized since accession. We have an economic situation that guarantees that investments in Poland can be safe and give a profit to investors. The results are still reflected today, and the forecast for this year shows more than four percent of GDP compared to 2018, “said Kasprzak.

She assessed that the membership contributed to the reduction of the unemployment rate and made that country more attractive for the citizens of Europe.

“Unemployment in Poland in April was 5.6 percent and the lowest unemployment rate compared to all European countries, and we also provide an opportunity for more and more young people to come and work in our country,” Kasprzak said.

The head of the Directorate for NATO, the European Union and peacekeeping operations in the Ministry of Defense, Radmila Perović, said that the Ministry of Defense had implemented numerous reforms in the last two years, and whose effect was recognized by NATO allies.

“However, those reforms were not only aimed at membership, but also at building institutions, strengthening the system and accepting the values ​​that that society shares, because the allies are the most developed democracies in the world. That was recognized in Montenegro, we gained a reputation and that is exactly why we were accepted, “Perović explained.

She said that Montenegro’s membership, in addition to political and military advantages, has a wider socio-economic significance and that significant results have been recorded, which confirms the progress compared to 2017.

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