Montenegro’s reputation is growing globally after joining NATO

Montenegro’s reputation is growing globally after joining NATO

(Sa divanjenja sa ambasadorkom Sjedinjenih Američkih Država (SAD) u Crnoj Gori, Džudi Rajzing Rajnke. Za više slika posjetiti našu Galeriju.)

Montenegro’s reputation at the global level is growing after joining NATO, and there has been a greater influx of foreign direct investment, as well as higher tourist visits from member states, said the United States Ambassador to Montenegro Judy Raising Reinke. .

She said at the admiration with young people organized within the project “Let’s take a stand for future perspectives: the Alliance of Youth and NATO”, implemented by the Center for Human Rights and Democracy (CEDEM), that statistical data indicate that numerous benefits which Montenegro achieved after joining NATO.

“According to the data of the Central Bank of Montenegro, in 2018, Montenegro received more than 400 million euros of foreign direct investments from the member states of the union, which is 64 percent more than in 2017,” said Raising Reinke.

She stated that a higher number of visits to Montenegro was recorded, as well as the number of registered overnight stays of tourists coming from NATO member states. “According to Monstat, in 2018, 20 percent more overnight stays of tourists from NATO countries were recorded compared to 2017,” the ambassador said.

It is important that young people, as she said, as future voters and leaders, educate themselves and form an attitude on key issues.

“Young people are the future of Montenegro, so it is important that they hear the facts, look at all the circumstances, analyze and form their opinion, because they will shape the state.” That is the value of the NATO alliance, because a framework has been created in which young people will be able to learn about the values ​​of democracy and form their own opinion, “Raising Reinke said.

The head of the directorates for NATO, the European Union and peacekeeping operations, Radmila Perović, said that after the restoration of Montenegro’s independence, two foreign policy goals were recognized – NATO membership and membership in the European Union (EU). adoption of the values ​​on which modern Europe is based, as well as the most developed democracies in the world.

“We are sitting at the table with the most developed countries in the world and we are participating in making important decisions for international and global security. “The strength of the alliance is the collective awareness of common interests, and the strength of the allies is that each is able to contribute to that, overcoming its narrow national interests, retaining sovereignty,” said Perović.

She stated that Montenegro has a significant economic benefit from NATO membership and that, as she stated, it has become more attractive to foreign investors in the past two years.

“Half of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) is the GDP of NATO member states, and this confirms the fact that NATO has been and remains the guarantor of security during all 70 years of existence and that it has enabled secure socio-economic development. The fact that Montenegro has become a member of NATO means that the country is now secure and thus more attractive to foreign direct investments, “said Perović.

He stated that the Montenegrin economy also has the advantages of membership, because the companies, after joining the alliance, as she explained, were enabled to participate in NATO tenders on an equal footing with companies from other countries.

“Also, young people who have reached the age of 21 have the opportunity to apply for intership programs, available to students from all member states. It is a great opportunity for young people to gain experience through work in a multicultural society, professional development, there is an opportunity to continue working at NATO headquarters, and it is also a good reference for future work, “said Perovic.

The program manager of CEDEM, Ognjen Markovic, said that this is the first admiration out of four that will be realized during the month of June.

“Bearing in mind that the project aims to increase the level of trust and support for NATO by young people, as well as increase awareness and understanding of NATO’s role and its values ​​in preserving global security by high school and university students in Montenegro, we plan three more marvels with the representatives of the embassies of the countries that are members of NATO and the Ministry of Defense, in Danilovgrad, Cetinje and Podgorica “, said Markovic.

He said that high school students will thus have the opportunity to directly ask and discuss the benefits of Montenegro’s membership in NATO, but also the challenges that this alliance faces.

The admiration is being held as part of the “Let’s Take a Position for Future Perspectives: Alliance of Youth and NATO” project, funded by NATO’s Department of Public Diplomacy.

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