School: Gender and Security Sector Reform

School: ROD and Security Sector Reform in Montenegro aims to improve the level of information and knowledge of young people about the position and participation of women in the security sector. Through the provision of theoretical and practical knowledge on security sector reform, gender policy, as well as security mechanisms in Montenegro, the aim is to indirectly influence the development of a more coherent and effective gender policy in this area.

The security sector is no exception to the traditionally present gender inequality in Montenegro. Therefore, providing knowledge on security and gender equality policies, especially to young people, is extremely important given the very low level of public awareness on these issues, but also the very small percentage of women in senior management positions in the security sector. Namely, the percentage of women in high positions in the Ministry of Defense is even below 11.4%. Also, in Montenegro there is no systematic education on gender equality issues in the security sector, nor does any of the organizations, both non-governmental and governmental, deal with this type of education. “School: ROD and Security Sector Reform” will be the first activity of its kind in Montenegro, and in the future could become an integral part of a training program sponsored by some of the educational and security institutions.

It is a six-month project, supported by the Commission for the distribution of part of the income from games of chance. The project is especially focused on: 1) young civil society actors (rural and women’s NGOs, trade unions, religious, national and other associations); 2) trainees and junior officials employed in state institutions (with special emphasis on the Police Administration, the Army of Montenegro, the Ministry of Defense, members of parliament); 3) young leaders of political parties in Montenegro; 4) students and 5) media representatives.

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