Regional project “Advocacy for Open Government”

The regional project Advocacy for Open Government aims to encourage the development of the concept of open government and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to influence the establishment of responsible and transparent government through the process of monitoring the implementation of obligations voluntarily undertaken by the Open Government Partnership Initiative.

The project is supported by the European Commission for 24 months, and is implemented by PASOS in cooperation with partners from the Western Balkans: the Center for Euro-Atlantic Integration from Serbia, the Center for Research and Public Policy from Macedonia, the Center for Social Research – Analytics from BiH, the Institute for Democracy and Mediation from Albania and Riinvest from Kosovo. Partners for Montenegro are the Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) and the Center for Research and Monitoring (CEMI). The key activities of the project include: surveys of public confidence in government, monitoring the implementation of open government action plans and advocating for change in this area.

(You can also follow the project via the link

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