Training – confiscation of proceeds of crime

Training – confiscation of proceeds of crime

A training organized by CEDEM with the support of the US Embassy in Podgorica (INL Program) for representatives of the judiciary in Montenegro is underway.

on the topic of confiscation of proceeds of crime with elements of organized crime and corruption. The partner in the organization of the training is the Training Center in the Judiciary and the State Prosecutor’s Office.

The training is part of the project “Civil Society in the Fight for Effective Confiscation of Criminal Assets” which aims to encourage the implementation of the legislative framework in this area, as well as to contribute to strengthening cooperation between civil society and judicial institutions in the country and region. proceeds of crime.

The training will be held on June 9 and 10 at the Palace Hotel in Petrovac. Participants in the training are representatives of higher courts in Podgorica and Bijelo Polje, the Court of Appeals of Montenegro, the Supreme Court of Montenegro, the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office and the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

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