Press release regarding the Tomkić case

Press release regarding the Tomkić case


On the occasion of physical violence and chauvinistic messages directed against the citizen of Berane, Igor Tomkić and his family, as well as the burning of their property, we want to express indignation and revolt due to the fact that such a thing is possible in Montenegro. It is incomprehensible that criminal terror is at work, which, in order to preserve security and dignity, puts the Tomkić family in an understandable temptation to move out of Berane. At the same time, all the time since Tomkić was exposed to violence, we have an inadequate reaction from the state authorities, and only expressions of regret from the municipal administration.

If this case does not receive an adequate police and judicial epilogue, including the effective and lawful punishment of perpetrators of unprecedented violence, we can only conclude that the rule of law in Montenegro has become really questionable. On the other hand, the Police Administration, when it has already allowed the escalation of violence, is obliged to prove that it is able to guarantee the freedom and security of every citizen of Montenegro, otherwise we can question the expediency of its actions in this form. At the same time, it is extremely worrying for us that the competent authorities and the local public have demonstrated their obvious inability to oppose several perpetrators and protect their fellow citizens, despite his months-long warnings and cries for help. However, today it is already clear that the entire Montenegrin society, and above all the Ombudsman, non-governmental organizations for human rights and the media, should take responsibility for the protection of Tomkić.

CEDEM unwaveringly believes in an open, anti-fascist and free society, as well as in a just state in which security and dignity will be guaranteed to all its citizens without exception. There can be no compromise on these values, nor is it acceptable for any level of government to contribute to the state of violence and chauvinism and the circumstances in which the Tomkić family will fear for their lives and property through their inaction or inefficiency.

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