Constructive dialogue between representatives of the justice system and the media in Nikšić

Constructive dialogue between representatives of the justice system and the media in Nikšić

The Center for Democracy and Human Rights, in cooperation with TV PRVA, held the third working meeting within the project “Strengthening the role of the media in improving criminal justice in Montenegro”.

Believing that the cooperation of representatives of the justice system at the local level, on the one hand and the media, civil society and active citizens, on the other hand, can lead to synergy of their potentials that would result in quality reporting on criminal justice and adequate information to the public of Niksic. meeting, April 18, 2018, at the Onogošt Hotel, in Nikšić.

The purpose of the working meetings is to encourage dialogue between these actors, especially on the use of the Law on Free Access to Information in order to improve the quality and credibility of media coverage of criminal justice cases, while creating the image of judicial bodies as open and willing actors to cooperate with media and civil society organizations.

The working meeting was attended by Mr. Stevo Šekarić, Head of the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Nikšić and Ms. Svetlana Lalović, PR of the Basic Court in Nikšić. Representatives of RTV Nikšić, the daily DAN, the independent daily Vijesti, the Mina agency, the Dnevni novine, the Montenegrin radio and the daily Pobjeda were present in front of the media.

The meeting took place in a very constructive exchange of views. Representatives of judicial institutions presented the existing practices and instruments of communication with the media, while the media talked about cooperation with these institutions. It was stated that the cooperation between the PR Prosecutor’s Office and the media is at a high level and that Mr. Šekarić is always available to the media, in order to better report to the media on criminal justice. On the other hand, contact was established between the PR of the Basic Court in Nikšić and media representatives.

It was assessed that it is necessary to work on trust on both sides, which would result in improved cooperation, but also that cooperation was significantly improved by the adoption of new legislation in 2015. Having in mind the deadline for giving feedback by judicial institutions, which is three days, the media representatives proposed shortening that deadline, if it is a very current event that is under public scrutiny. A number of journalists stated that in the future, selectivity in avoiding information is avoided and that each media outlet receives identical information about a certain event, which would result in reduced speculation by journalists. Also, the representatives of the justice system emphasized the importance of knowing the terminology, but also the competencies of certain bodies, especially having in mind the events from which journalists inform from the scene.

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