CEDEM and ROM “Phiren Amenca” marked World Roma Day

CEDEM and ROM “Phiren Amenca” marked World Roma Day

CEDEM and the Roma Youth Organization “Walk with us – Phiren Amenca” today on the occasion of April 8 – World Roma Day, awarded 13 gift packages to children from the Roma and Egyptian communities.

The packages were handed over to Roma and Egyptian students in front of CEDEM and ROM “Phiren Amenza” by Jenita Brcvak, Elvis Berisha and Serdjan Baftijari.

Roma primary school students were happy with the packets containing school supplies (ordinary pencils, notebooks, watercolors, wooden crayons, rulers and other accessories), which are needed to follow the lessons.

One of the parents of Roma children, the father of six children, four of whom are in school, thanked CEDEM and ROM “Phiren Amenca” for the humane gesture, adding that the distribution of packages with school supplies for his children is very important, given that it is not in the opportunity to provide their children with even the most basic school supplies they need on a daily basis.

This sporting event gathered 56 young Roma and non-Roma high school students from six high schools in Podgorica, as well as 8 participants from the Center for Resocialization of Users of Psychoactive Substances from Kakaricka Gora. The tournament was held today at the Dadex Sports Center, and the event was supported by the Directorate for Youth and Sports, the Secretariat for Sports and Culture of the Municipality of Podgorica.

The “Sport against Racism” tournament is an ideal opportunity for young people from the Roma and non-Roma populations to socialize and participate in a fair play game and thus directly contribute to the reduction of prejudice and discrimination.

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