Together for greater protection of asylum seekers, migrants and victims of trafficking

The project aims to contribute to resolving the refugee crisis in the region and the EU, by supporting institutions in Montenegro to respond to modern migration challenges and meet EU / NATO standards in the field of migration management. The specific objectives of the project are: 1) Strengthened capacities of civil society for participation in asylum and migration reform; 2) Improved capacities of professionals dealing with asylum seekers and migrants for the application of international and EU standards in this field.

The target groups in the project are civil society organizations, especially those involved in the protection of human rights and the fight against trafficking in human beings; members of the border police, reception centers, the Ministry of Interior, the Center for Asylum Seekers, centers for social work, while the end users are migrants and asylum seekers in Montenegro, as well as local communities.

The project is supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.

The total value of the project is $ 20,000.

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