Through training and employment to social inclusion

The project “Training and Employment to Social Inclusion” is a partnership project of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM), the Center for Foreign Languages ​​and Translation Double L (hereinafter: Double L) and the Media Institute of Montenegro (hereinafter: the Institute for the media). The project will include 10 persons with disabilities (hereinafter: PWD) who will attend two educational modules lasting 4 months, after which 6 PWDs will be employed in CEDEM, Double L and the Media Institute. All three organizations will work together to coordinate and evaluate the project. CEDEM is in charge of the overall coordination and monitoring of the project, as well as the preparation of workshops in the first educational module together with the Media Institute, while Double L will organize an intensive general / business English course for project participants within the second educational module. In the second part of the project, CEDEM, the Media Institute and Double L will employ 6 people out of a total of 10 PWDs who complete two educational modules, who will have mentors during all 6 months of work engagement. Also within the project, it is planned to publish a publication, educational posters, leaflets, as well as mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and organize two conferences.

The project is funded by the Employment Service of Montenegro.

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