Improving local media practices for reporting on human and minority rights

The project “Improving the practices of local media for reporting on human and minority rights” aims to contribute to the further process of European integration of Montenegro by increasing the quality, credibility and integrity of journalism in the field of human and minority rights and freedom of speech.

The specific objectives of the project are: 1) to strengthen the capacity of journalists to be more analytical in their reporting, highlighting the causes of the problem, while providing possible solutions to issues related to human and minority rights; 2) raising public awareness of human rights reporting and the importance of freedom of speech.

Project activities are:

1) Conduct comprehensive training on techniques and media ethics in the field of human and minority rights reporting;

2) Holding working meetings with representatives of the Ombudsman institution;

3) Quarterly research work in local communities;

4) Development of Guidelines for proper reporting on human and minority rights according to EU and CoE standards;

5) Public opinion poll on citizens’ perceptions of the media and freedom of speech in Montenegro;

6) An exhibition that will present media coverage during the 1990s and today, on human rights and freedom of speech;

7) Closing Conference.

The project is supported by the Embassy of the United States of America in Montenegro.

The total value of the project is $ 57,983.00.

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