Civic education for a better generation

The Center for Democracy and Human Rights – CEDEM is implementing the project “Civic Education for a Better Generation”, with the support of the Council of Europe and the European Union within the joint program “Horizontal Instrument for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022” and the action “Quality Education for All”. The project is focused on improving the quality of education in Montenegro through the promotion of democratic culture in the formal education system. The implementation of this project further contributes to building a more open and tolerant Montenegrin society, through education.

The overall goal of this project is to strengthen the democratic culture in schools, through the implementation of the “whole school” approach and the development of competencies for a sustainable democratic and inclusive society. The specific objectives of this project are aimed at developing the skills and practical knowledge of those responsible for implementing the “whole school” approach – teachers and parents, as well as raising awareness of the benefits of democratic culture and the importance of civic education for modern, civil and democratic society. .

The total value of the project is 14,198.00EUR.

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