To social, through economic security and equality of all!

Project “Towards social, through economic security and equality of all! aims to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic position of the Roma and Egyptian populations, through the establishment of socially responsible behavior of all relevant actors who create and implement policies for training, employment and inclusion of the RE population in the labor market. In this way, and through strengthening the professional and personal competencies of all mentioned groups, the project will raise awareness of the importance of economic equality for all, with special emphasis on the importance of gaining economic independence among RE population, especially women, as a prerequisite for combating many social problems. among other things, domestic violence, ie violence against women.

In addition to discrimination in the field of employment, the RE population faces discrimination in the fields of education, inclusion, health care and culture, and a large, social problem of a part of the mentioned population is still domestic violence, ie violence against women. The most common reasons why, despite all the efforts of the institutions of the system, this problem still exists, are: insufficient information about the possibilities of overcoming this problem, patriarchal lifestyle, as well as feelings of fear and shame, which is why Roma women and women in Montenegro suffer and do not report that they are victims of domestic violence. In many years of work on combating this and many other problems of the RE population, it was noticed that one of the biggest obstacles to combating violence against women is their economic dependence on a male family member who is most often the perpetrator of violence.

This is the reason why the representatives of the RE population, who are victims or potential victims of domestic violence, through information workshops and leaflets on the application process at employment offices, training programs and employment opportunities will be provided (and in a more subtle way) support to persist on their way out of violence, and through training or direct employment, which would result in gaining economic independence as a precondition for overcoming this problem.

Project activities will be implemented in Herceg Novi, Nikšić, Bijelo Polje, Podgorica and Kolašin, and the total and required budget necessary for the implementation of project activities is € 17,715.50. The project is funded by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights of Montenegro.

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