Let’s create an environment for greater participation of young people in the decision-making process



Young people represent a great asset for progress and, as such, deserve support. On the other hand, young people also have a responsibility to become active and promote their agenda through existing ways of acting that facilitate their participation, such as parliaments of schools and universities, youth organizations and the like, given the lack of mechanisms at the local level.

The purpose of the project is to overcome the observation of youth participation through traditional civic activities such as voting, consultation and finally the adoption of youth quotas.

This project aims to encourage youth participation at the local level and strengthen existing mechanisms for their participation, through dialogue and identification of youth needs, strengthening the capacity of municipal officials to work with youth, and multisectoral meetings to improve the overall environment to support youth participation. The development of a culture of participation will be encouraged through the implementation of activities aimed at raising awareness of the importance of youth participation at the local level, identifying youth needs and developing a culture of participation, and strengthening the capacity of officials responsible for youth issues in local governments.

Within this project, a research on political participation and civic activism of young people in Montenegro will be conducted and an analysis of the current state and effectiveness of youth activities in structures at the local level, as well as events such as round tables, info forums and key findings and sets of recommendations. for local authorities, schools, youth organizations and youth to increase civic activism and develop a culture of participation through the training of municipal youth officials.

The project is being implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Sports and Youth of Montenegro.

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