Social inclusion to equal opportunities

This project aims to contribute to the social inclusion of marginalized communities in Montenegro in accordance with European standards, through capacity building of members of these groups, institutions and organizations dealing with social integration, and raising awareness of mechanisms and modalities of social inclusion of marginalized communities.

The project is based on the results of the analysis of policies in the field of social protection, which was implemented within the project Support to Social Protection of Roma and Egyptian Populations.

The general goal of the project is to strengthen the capacities of users and civil society organizations for greater use of social rights and services and greater participation in social policies, as well as to improve cooperation between creators, holders and users of social policy. In addition, the project aims to support civil society organizations and beneficiaries of social protection in exercising their rights, but also to increase the level of exchange of information on the importance and concept of social inclusion among the professional public and the wider community. The project was supported by the Commission for the Allocation of Part of the Revenue from Gambling.

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