Montenegro faces social and political challenges and, for the first time, requires democratic roadmaps. In order to contribute in the strengthening of the accountability, transparency, and consolidation of democratic institutions, CEDEM has developed a project “Vox populi – Implementation of Better Choices”. The project will identify and measure citizens’ perceptions and attitudes on key issues of reform processes on the road to the EU, provide a roadmap to ensure the rule of law and ensure justice for all, and serve as a basis for preventive activities. The added value of this project is monitoring of the work of the Government and public institutions in key areas of negotiation chapters 23 and 24 through standardized indicators for a period of six months, as well as encouraging dialogue and constructive cooperation between key actors – CSOs, international community, and decision makers

Together with partners, namely, the Ombudsman Institution, the Parliament of Montenegro and its committees, the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights, and the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, CEDEM will, through advocacy efforts, directly contribute to the improvement of their work and in initiation of the long-awaited reforms and necessary solutions. In the spirit of constructive cooperation with these partners, CEDEM will organize meetings to present key findings and recommendations for improvement of the reform processes on the negotiating path with the EU, i.e. judicial reform, improvement of the fight against corruption and organized crime, help with the efforts towards consolidation and transparency of democratic institutions, and improvement of the national process of reconciliation and reducing social polarization.

The project lasts seven months and the total budget is 21,800 euros. The project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy through the call “Bando Balcani” from 2021.

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