Press release on chauvinistic messages in Pljevlja

Press release on chauvinistic messages in Pljevlja

On the occasion of chauvinistic messages directed against our fellow citizens – members of minority nations and other minority national communities in Pljevlja, we want to express indignation and revolt over the fact that such situations occur in modern, independent and multiethnic Montenegro, and appeal to all authorities to bring the perpetrator or perpetrators of this serious crime to justice as soon as possible.

Respect for basic human rights and protection of national minorities are fundamental factors in the stability and socio-economic development of any state. The principle of respect for uniqueness within unity and unity within diversity is defined at the level of the European Union as a clear integration condition, which manifests the degree of protection of minority rights and preservation of their identity, and thus the degree of democracy in a country.

According to the Constitution, Montenegro is a civil and social justice state, inhabited by various ethnic groups characterized by their identity, culture, religion and artistic heritage. Despite the differences between these ethnic groups and the fact that no ethnic group makes up the majority of the population, Montenegro has developed a model of coexistence based on general interethnic tolerance and constitutional guarantees for the protection of minority rights.

In an extremely sensitive socio-political environment, it is necessary for all actors to accept the responsibility of creating a social climate that will free current and future generations from the stigmas of the time in which we live, as well as to make more determined efforts to improve relations with strong condemnation. of the past.

CEDEM strongly advocates an open, anti-fascist and free society, as well as a just state in which security and dignity will be guaranteed to all its citizens without exception.

Therefore, we appeal to the competent institutions for greater efficiency and transparency in the protection of security and property of citizens and freedoms and rights established by the Constitution, but also preventive action, so that members of minority nations feel equal and safe, without fear for their lives and property.

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