Announcement on the beginning of the project “Youth can change the future”

Announcement on the beginning of the project “Youth can change the future”

Center for Democracy and Human Rights – CEDEM, in cooperation with the Institute for European Affairs (Serbia), From the Beginning (Kosovo *) and Aarhaus Info Center (Albania), developed the project “YOUNG PEOPLE CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE” to respond to challenges and challenges in the field of dialogue and cooperation of young people in the region.

The purpose of the project is to create a stimulating environment and contribute to mutual understanding through the cooperation of young people by building strong and lasting friendships from different ethnic groups in the Western Balkans. The project will bring together 20 young and enthusiastic representatives of the Student Parliaments from Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo *, who will be selected through a public competition for exchange participants.

The overall goal is to strengthen and promote intercultural dialogue by raising awareness of cultural and linguistic diversity, preventing negative attitudes towards people from other countries.

The 20-day exchange (5 days in each country) is the main activity of the project, which includes Montenegrin-Serbian and Albanian language education, workshops on intercultural dialogue, visits to public institutions, museums and social events in Serbia, Kosovo *, Albania and Montenegro. .

The realization of the project starts on June 1, and the duration is 8 months.

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