Montenegro recognized in the NATO alliance

Montenegro recognized in the NATO alliance

(Tokom divanjenja sa ambasadorkom Republike Bugarske u Crnoj Gori, gđom Maglenom Plugčievom Aleksandrovom. Za više slika posjetiti našu Galeriju.)

Montenegro has reached certain standards, its institutions have become credible, and the security of the country is stable, which is why it is recognized in the NATO alliance, while Montenegrin students are allowed to apply for scholarships offered by membership in your alliance.

This was ordered during the admiration organized by the Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) within the project “Take a stand for future perspectives: the Alliance of Youth and NATO”, which is funded by the Department of Public Diplomacy of NATO.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Montenegro, Meglena Plugchieva Alexandrova, said that membership in the NATO alliance is important for the whole of Southeast Europe.

“For Bulgaria, NATO membership was very important, having in mind that the membership itself achieved a significant foreign policy status. In addition, we have attracted a large number of investors through membership, and it has affected the well-being of the citizens themselves, “said Plugchieva Alexandrova.

Speaking about the position of Bulgaria after joining NATO, she said that the perspective for young people has been strengthened, as well as that significant development of that country has been achieved.

“The benefits of Bulgaria’s membership in NATO are not exclusively in the security sphere, but the entire country has continued to develop, confirmed partnerships and therefore say that this is a historic event for Bulgaria, given the complete positive outcomes of membership,” said Plugchieva Alexandrova. .

The head of the directorate for NATO, the European Union and peacekeeping operations in the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro, Radmila Perović, said that the goal of Montenegro, after the restoration of independence, was to build a society based on democratic values.

“The very fact that Montenegro has joined the NATO alliance means to other members that our country has reached certain standards, that its institutions are now credible, and that the country is stable. This means that tourists will come to us sooner than to a country that is not a member of NATO, because they are safe here “, said Perović.

“Everyone has their own national interests and understandings, but despite that, they are based on fundamental democratic values ​​- democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights. “It is the strength of the NATO alliance that 29 countries manage to find a common position, despite their national interests, because unity and solidarity are the most important in that alliance,” said Perović.

“Montenegrin students are absolutely competitive and given the opportunity to improve at NATO headquarters, where not only soldiers or political science students work, but lawyers, economists, IT experts, as well as experts from other fields. It is an opportunity for young people to work in a multicultural environment, where they have the opportunity to see what the decision-making process of 29 member states looks like and it is a great opportunity for further professional development, “said Perović.

“The overflow of direct foreign investments in 2018, compared to the previous year, increased by as much as 66 percent. “Security is the foundation of the state, which is a precondition for any further social, economic, economic progress,” Perovic said.

CEDEM Program Manager, Ognjen Markovic, reminded that the youth rave with the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Montenegro is the third of four rallies that will be realized, during which young people will be able to establish a dialogue with ambassadors of member states. NATO.

“The project” Let’s take a stand for future perspectives: the Alliance of Youth and NATO “aims to increase the level of knowledge and information of young people in Montenegro about the values ​​and mission of NATO, as an international organization of which our country is a full member since 2017. It is important that young people, as future academics who may be professionally improving in that direction, be informed about this topic, “said Markovic.

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