CEDEM announces a call for participants of the Practical Academy

CEDEM announces a call for participants of the Practical Academy

The Academy was developed within the project “Practical Academy for Social Integration” implemented by CEDEM with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports.

The main goal of the Practical Academy is to encourage the development of digital, social and language competencies, i.e. to improve the knowledge and skills of young, unemployed people in accordance with the needs of the labor market and modern world of business.

Practical Academy is directed towards:

  1. Unemployed young people (up to 30 years old) with a university degree;
  2. Persons with disabilities looking for employment;
  3. Unemployed persons with higher education registered at the Employment Bureau of Montenegro;
  4. Graduates without previous work experience.

For the purpose of the implementation of the Practical Academy, a six-month plan and program was prepared, which includes the following 6 modules:

Module 1: Modern Business Administration

Module 2: Digital Literacy

Module 3: Functional Literacy: Business and Scientific Style

Module 4: Methodology in Research

Module 5: Project Management

Module 6: Legal Acts Analysis

Upon completion of the training, participants will have a clear insight into the concept of business administration and how to conduct successful business communication. Also, participants will be able to lead meetings, write minutes, letters and announcements, and understand the basics of financial management. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to improve their IT skills, understand project management, differentiate research methods and know how to effectively interpret data collected through a survey, questionnaire or content analysis.

The Practical Academy will be held in the period from April 29 to September 29, 2021 in Podgorica, on the principle of “one month – one module”, once a month for 4 hours, in the afternoon. The number of participants is limited to 15 and they will, upon completion of the training, receive a certificate, and earn the right to participate in other project activities.

If you are interested in attending the Practical Academy, interested candidates can send their CV and a short motivation letter (not longer than 200 words) to the e-mail address: almina.kuluglija@cedem.me no later than April 18, 2021, marked “Application for Participation in the Practical Academy”.

For all additional questions, feel free to contact us via the specified e-mail address or by phone number 020 / 234-114.

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