Through education and dialogue with the EU


This project aims to contribute to the process of European integration by raising the level of information, understanding and knowledge about European integration, future membership and functioning of the EU, strengthening the capacity of multipliers and increasing the quality of media texts on Montenegro’s EU integration process. sectors, state bodies / institutions and citizens.

In this regard, the project activities are divided into two parts: informational and educational activities. Information activities aim to stimulate citizens’ interest in the European integration process by raising the level of information and understanding, while educational activities are aimed at strengthening the knowledge and skills of those multipliers who are in (direct) contact with citizens.

In order to analyze the knowledge of the process of Montenegro’s integration into the EU, EU institutions and the way the EU functions, but also the results of adopted EU policies that affect the citizens of candidate countries and the level of trust in the EU, a public opinion poll will be conducted. functioning of the EU. It will also serve as an overview of the current situation and its effectiveness, providing a wider range of information and a basis for writing future strategies, action plans and other bylaws in this area. The set of informative activities includes events such as “Dialogue with citizens: Let’s talk about facts”, panel discussions of students for certain areas of the negotiation process and its impact on citizens, interactive workshops for high school and university students on accession, membership and benefits, video animations for EU dictionary with clear advantages and challenges of the process of negotiation and membership in the EU, a seminar on EU membership and functioning, as well as a film on the process of accession and membership in the EU through the vision of the main negotiating team. As such, they represent key activities, because they directly communicate with the citizens in order to increase the level of information, understanding and knowledge of citizens about European integration, and provide a realistic basis for stable support for the accession process.

Within the educational activities, and in order to improve the capacity of multipliers in the field of visibility and reporting on European integration, two trainings will be realized.

In order to complete this whole process and improve cooperation and dialogue, round tables will be held with representatives of local governments and multipliers on European integration, but a comparative analysis of experiences of cooperation between the NGO sector and state institutions and bodies in the European integration process.

Through the implementation of activities aimed at raising awareness of the importance of EU integration, EU membership and functioning by increasing awareness of future EU membership, improving the capacity of multipliers on EU literacy, and developing and improving sustainable mechanisms201 dialogue and cooperation of civil society, state institutions / bodies and citizens in the field of European integration, the level of information and knowledge of citizens will increase, but also the dialogue will expand, as well as the knowledge and skills of multipliers in the field of European integration.

The project is being implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.

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