Let’s take a stand for future perspectives: the Alliance of Youth and NATO

The overall goal of the project is to increase the level of trust and support for NATO, as well as to increase the knowledge, awareness and understanding of NATO and its values ​​in preserving global security by young people.

CEDEM as a think-tank organization, NGO ATAK as a non-governmental organization that uses art to bring social and political issues closer to citizens to support understanding of democratic processes and PR agencies have joined forces to increase NATO’s knowledge and understanding of values ​​and values. among young people, as well as in the rest of the segment of the insufficiently familiar population.

The purpose of the project is reflected in its focus on young staff, students and high school students, as well as representatives of relevant institutions and organizations, through the organization of public campaigns, interactive workshops, three-day schools and conferences.

The project is being implemented by the NATO PUBLIC DIPLOMACY DIVISION.

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