Rule of Law

Montenegro is a civil, democratic, ecological and social justice state, based on the rule of law (Article 1, Constitution of Montenegro). The affirmation of the principle of equality before the law, as one of the fundamental postulates of the rule of law, is the primary function of Rule of Law Department.

CEDEM was the first NGO in Montenegro to organize seminars on international and European Union legal standards. Over 900 lawyers, judges, prosecutors and other civil servants have participated in our training programs since 1999. The Rule of Law Department prepares draft laws and draft amendments to the law; organizes round tables and seminars for representatives of judicial bodies; performs monitoring of court proceedings; and prepares, publishes and distributes publications with the ultimate goal to encourage a responsible, professional, efficient and transparent judiciary in Montenegro.

DCAF Logo EnglishThis paper is trying to tackle main challenges in the field of internal control of the police in Montenegro, with a special focus on anti-corruption activities. After conducting the research on the accountability of police officers in the field of police corruption, in December 2013 (Anti-corruption Mechanisms and Accountability of Police Officers in Montenegro), we have decided to put more focus on this specific aspect in the overall anticorruption chain.

Norvezani pressCEDEM held press conference today, presenting the publication "Characteristics of proceedings in cases of organised crime, corruption, terrorism and war crimes - general review of the case law in Montenegro", which was prepared as part of the project Supporting Judicial reform in Montenegro: Supporting the fight against organized crime, funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

CEDEM engGeneral evaluation of implementation of the Action Plan for Chapter 24 is that there is continuity in the application, but measures are not always consistent and well-coordinated, while in some segments we found an evident lack of measurable and comprehensive data for evaluation of the impact of undertaken measures.