Results of local development projects presented

Results of local development projects presented

“Local governments are a very important actor in the implementation of policies for the inclusion of Roma and Egyptian communities at the local level,” said a conference organized by CEDEM, on the occasion of presenting the results of the project “Improving Roma integration at the local level.”

The project was aimed at providing support for the implementation of social inclusion policy and encouraging underdeveloped dialogue between local authorities and Roma communities, all with the aim of clearly contextualizing the needs of local people and including them in the priorities of the municipal agenda. In particular, the project aimed to contribute to improving the position of Roma and Egyptians at the local level, through a local housing study, strengthening Roma participation in local policy-making and improving living conditions in Roma settlements. The project was implemented in cooperation with the municipalities of Berane, Herceg Novi and Niksic and a local Roma partner, the NGO “Young Roma”, with the support of the Open Society Institute from Budapest.

During the 12 months of the project, a local study of the housing of the Roma and Egyptian population in the municipality of Herceg Novi was made and recommendations for improving the housing policy towards this community were defined. Also, in cooperation with a legal expert engaged in the project, the provision of free legal aid for beneficiaries from the RE community was organized, with the aim of enabling them to better exercise their tenancy rights. In the municipalities of Nikšić and Berane, the water supply conditions of Roma and Egyptian families in the settlements of Brlja, Nikšić and Riverside, Berane have been improved.

The realization of the project once again pointed out the importance of cooperation between local authorities, non-governmental organizations and members of the community itself, which is a prerequisite for sustainable and efficient social integration of marginalized communities.