CEDEM has released Inspiring Stories: Springboard to Reconciliation and a documentary

CEDEM has released Inspiring Stories: Springboard to Reconciliation and a documentary

For the past nine months, the Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) has implemented the Youth Can Change the Future project in co-operation with partners from Albania and Serbia.

The overall goal is to strengthen and promote intercultural dialogue by raising awareness of cultural and linguistic diversity of young people, which would prevent negative attitudes towards people from other countries, while the project aims to create an environment conducive to mutual understanding and cooperation of young people by building strong and lasting friendships. and relationships with individuals from different ethnic groups in the Western Balkans regions.

As part of the project, a documentary was made with the participants of the regional study visit, which was held in September 2018. The film presents the views, opinions and recommendations of 20 young people from Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia on the importance of multicultural dialogue and the role of young people in this process. In the film, you can also see how young people managed to break the prejudices they had about each other, which are a consequence of the turbulent history of our region and often mutual misunderstandings, and insufficient knowledge of the culture of our neighbors.

Another result of this project is the publication “Insipring stories: Springboard to reconciliation” in which we present statements and stories of young people from the region about the reasons and motives for prejudice, stereotypes and ethnic distance towards certain ethnic groups, but also how to overcome differences, improve trust and relationships among young people in the region. The publication also includes a set of key findings and recommendations in the field of intercultural dialogue.

The documentary and publication were supported by the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation – RYCO, as part of the first call for proposals.

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