Raising public awareness of NATO integration

The project Raising Public Awareness of the Role of Citizens in NATO Integration of Montenegro aims to strengthen the participation of local people in the public debate on the importance of NATO integration issues. The key activity of this project is the formation of a kind of local “citizens’ taskforce” (informal association of citizens) consisting of 12 citizens, with “pro and contra” NATO positions, interested in being the bearers of a public campaign to be conducted in three northern municipalities – Berane, Bijelo Polje and Pljevlja. The project is being implemented in partnership with the NGO “Spona” from Berane, and is financially supported by the US Embassy in Podgorica.

The campaign will be based on the previously established Task Force, a document that will contain key principles and future steps when it comes to the active participation of citizens in the debate on the NATO issue. promotional material and organization of public forums in the three mentioned northern municipalities will be presented.The main conclusions and recommendations on mechanisms for action and strengthening civic activism when it comes to promoting NATO issues at the local level will be presented to the public and representatives of political parties. .

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